More granular task features (and simple "supports tasks" feature)

There is currently no way to filter for apps supporting tasks. I propose something along the lines of:

- Tasks - app supports a stateful abstraction that indicates whether a task is "open" or "completed", that is simple markdown checkmarks like in Standard Notes for example should count
- Tasks => Tasks are separate entities - app supports a basic form of tasks as described above and tasks are separate items (accessible from a different panel, for example)
- Tasks => Tasks embedded in notes - that is tasks live strictly inside a note
- Task due dates
- Task organization => supports tagging tasks (or folders)
- Global Task View - app offers a separate pane for viewing tasks (stripped of context such as notes live in)
- GTW => Scores - a means through which tasks are bumped up or down on a sorted list, based on priority or due dates
- GTW => Hiding- a means through which tasks can be ommited from the GTW
- GTW => Filter by tag/folder/context/due dates - we can keep this one broad

Under consideration Suggested by: Lucian Upvoted: 18 Aug, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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