Distinguish between Tags, folders and hierarchy (and simple "supports tags" feature)

There is currently no way to search for apps that support tags. My suggestion for splitting these features:

- Tags - app offers a way to tag notes, that is a note can be tagged with an unlimited number of tags (which would render "Can apply multiple hierarchies to one note" obsolete")
- Folders - app offers a way to organize notes into folders (or notebooks), that is a note can only be part of one folder/notebook at a time
- Wiki-like hierarchy - app structures notes as children of other notes, that is the hierarchy nodes are not meta-objects, but rather notes themselves
- Then I suggest the "Note Organization Hierarchy" have subfeatures such as "=> nested tags", "subfolders/subnotebooks", "nested wiki pages" and the already useful "Allows 3+ levels deep hierarchy", "Hierarchy can be moved", etc
- We can move the "Inline tags" as a subfeature of tags

I think this way of organizing features is more helpful for people delimiting the set of apps they are compatible with.

Done Suggested by: Lucian Upvoted: 30 Aug, '21 Comments: 7

Comments: 7

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